TCLC Summer Camp 2014: WordPress workshop

Helpful websites to accompany the Tri-State College Library Consortium Summer Camp 2014 workshop “WordPressed in the Sand” on Monday, July 28, 2014 at Montgomery County Community College.

Useful sites

A few of my favorite sites for support and tutorials. Most of these are oriented toward beginners, but there are also advanced tutorials at these sites.

Workshop outline

  • Signup for
  • What is WordPress? The most popular content management system in the world.
  • versus
  • Structuring a site with WordPress
  • WordPress interface
    • Login address:
    • Finding your way around
      • Screen options. Tab at top-right allows you to simplify your screens. Hide what you don’t want.
      • Where is my content? Under “posts” and “pages”
      • Settings
        • These are the site preferences such as front page setting, commenting and users.
      • Appearance
        • This is where you’ll find themes, menus, and widgets
  • Creating and editing
    • posts and pages
    • Publishing status, visibility, publishing time, and revisions.
    • Visual Editor (like MS Word) versus Text Editor (HTML)
    • Working with the editor toolbar.
    • Adding multimedia
      • images
      • embedding content from elsewhere
  • Site organization
    • Categories and tags
    • Quick edits
    • Menus
  • Site appearance
    • themes and custom design
    • widgets
  • Interacting with your readers
    • Comments and Polls
  • Analytics
  • Installed WordPress
    • plug-ins
    • themes
    • SO MUCH MORE… it’s impossible to cover everything which is why the above helpful sites are so helpful!

Feel free to contact me! I’d love to hear what you’re working on and I’m happy to help where I can! Cheers, Jerr

Featured Photo: “New WordPress Buttons and Stickers” by Nikolay Bachiyski from Flickr.