Realities and Altered Realities: an exhibit of photography from the students of Walter Plotnick at Montgomery County Community College. 2012

Brendlinger Library Digital Gallery

As part of the College Hall renovation project at Montgomery County Community College, a virtual exhibit space with sight and sound was created in the library. I became the library’s technology anchor on the project installation and I have since become the gallery’s primary content creator and curator.

Since its opening in October of 2012, I have created exhibits ranging from a tour of the International Space Station to an exhibit of French Impressionist art. I have especially enjoyed working with faculty and staff on exhibits including:

  • Working with the faculty and students of the Quadforge Undergraduate Research Program to create exhibits on their award winning unmanned aerial vehicle program and nanotechnology waterproofing projects.
  • Collaborating with arts instructor Walter Plotnick on an exhibit of his students’ digital photography and a physical exhibit of his historic photography and camera collection.
  • “Virus,” an exhibit on how human and computer viruses are transmitted and prevented, in collaboration with College Director of Health and Wellness Initiatives Grace Spena and Director of Information Technology Security Bill Rosenbaum.

Top Image: A first-year exhibit of student photography. “Realities and Altered Realities: an exhibit of photography from the students of Walter Plotnick” at Montgomery County Community College in the Brendlinger Library. 2012