Training for Freedom website screenshot: How ordinary people in an unusual time and unlikely place made extraordinary history

Additional Projects of Note

Training for Freedom documentary website

In late 2021, we learned this locally-produced documentary will be distributed nationally by PBS. To prepare the supporting website, created by university archivist Jackie Johnson, for greater traffic, I conducted an accessibility remediation and implemented code updates to make the site mobile friendly. I also provided design assistance in the site’s creation phase in 2019.

OneCampus Project

Our university’s student portal, myMiami, retired in 2022. I was trained on this new upcoming system as the project lead for the libraries, which is one of the very first partners on the new system. OneCampus is super simple in that it only provides sets of task tiles you can search or browse through to quickly reach your destination. It will be fascinating to see how this new system changes how the libraries acquire university online traffic.

New website staff page

In collaboration with systems staff Mike Bomholt and Pat Hawk, we automated maintenance of our library website’s staff page as well as large portions of employee onboarding. When a new employee is hired, their supervisor submits a form with their basic information which populates a Google Sheet. I programmed the webpage to automatically pull this data through templates to create the page. I then programmed the filtering capabilities to make finding staff easier.

King Libraries Master Plan mini-site

One of my fun design projects was a single-page website to showcase the King Library Master Plan. The site provides the university community and potential funders what we hope a thriving 21st century library will look like here at Miami University. The page features beautiful “parallax” paging to walk people through the building plans. Collaborated with our strategic communications team on this project.

Proxy bookmarklet

When using third-party academic search engines, such as Google Scholar, often encounter needed content blocked by paywalls. To solve this issue, I wrote a Javascript bookmarklet that can be clicked to gain access when encountering a paywall. If the libraries subscribe to the article’s journal, the reader is sent through our ID verification proxy server and automatically given access to the article.