Holiday World: Drupal with 100,000 views daily

In 2009, the historic Holiday World theme park in Santa Claus, Indiana, wanted to move from its static HTML website to a database-driven site that could incorporate its social networking strategies.Working with graphic designer Rick Lostutter, we turned to the Drupal 6 content management system as it could handle custom content types and provide future expansion into e-commerce for the theme park. We incorporated Holiday World’s Twitter, YouTube and Flickr accounts as well as a pair of in-house blogs to provide vivid visuals and interactivity for the park.After an extensive collaboration with Holiday World on the site’s architecture, Rick focused on visual design while I brought his work to life creating the needed custom content types and templates for Drupal using XHTML/CSS/PHP/jQuery. I also optimized the Drupal installation and the site’s Linux server to handle the site’s 100,000 daily page views.In 2012, we updated the site to Drupal 7 and redesigning the site’s blog and online store. The site has since been redesigned.Here is a snapshot of the website